St. Louis attorney, Albert S. Watkins announced today that he will voluntarily make himself available to conduct lectures, seminars, and presentations to bar associations, high schools, colleges and universities, educational, business, community or professional organizations, the subject matter of which will be the importance of an attorney’s conformity with court orders, ethical obligations of attorneys as they relate to such orders, and the harm to the justice system for violations of these obligations. This announcement was part of consent order disposing of a show cause order for why Watkins should not have been held in criminal contempt of court.

                Watkins’ commitment to volunteer as a speaker is an outgrowth of the April 23, 2018 responses of Watkins to media inquiries on the steps of the courthouse in which former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’ felony criminal case was conducted.

“I am excited about being accorded the privilege of sharing with the world the challenging and nuanced obligations of an attorney when faced with a whirling dervish of competing obligations and duties within the context of a ceaseless series of intervening high-profile events, all of which directly or indirectly impact the integrity of our justice system.”

                Watkins is known for his candor and outspokenness.

“I am committed to providing a meaningful experience for attendees, one designed to foster a heightened degree of appreciation for the challenges facing our courts during the era of instantaneous global news dissemination,” concluded Watkins.

It should be noted, Watkins is volunteering his speaking services in this regard at no charge.

Anyone interested in scheduling a presentation by Watkins can do so by contacting:

Caroline Johnston

Kodner Watkins, LC

7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 600

St. Louis, Missouri 63105

(314) 727-9111